Knitting and Wool

A few days ago I got out my Authentic Knitting Board which I got just after Christmas. This was my first go at it so I was looking forward to it. I had tried knitting before with knitting needles but it was too hard for me (due to my illness). Anyway to cut a long story short it got me thinking about wool and my feelings about it.

Obviously I haven’t always been Vegan so I had never really thought much about wool before. Since becoming Vegan its made me look at everything differently. When I had my knitting board out and got out some wool it got me thinking. I had been given this wool before I was a Vegan. I didn’t know all the facts at the time so it was just my thoughts in my head from what I did know which wasn’t very much. However I still felt uncomfortable and unsure about it which is what made me want to look into wool further.

I looked into wool today to find some answers and information, as I said I already had a gut feeling of how I felt about it but wanted to know more before making the decision on whether I should use wool anymore. I’m glad I looked as I found out a lot I didn’t know or had thought about but not enough. It basically backed up my gut feeling and that was using wool from the sheep was wrong.

I wont go into all the information here but basically the wool is still coming from a sheep that was brought into this world for meat. They have been breed to give us wool as wild sheep don’t actually have this problem with wool, they naturally shred and do not need shearing. The farmers/producers are lucky because they can use the sheep in two ways, both for meat and wool so therefor possible more income. At the end of the day any wool I use will come from a sheep that will be killed for meat. Its just something I cannot be comfortable with and don’t feel taking there wool is OK. I would be giving an industry I don’t believe it money and that isn’t right.

So what to do next? Luckily there are alternatives out there to wool so I can still knit. Often they are cheaper so that is a bonus and if they are more expensive its a cost I’ll have to bear. I am glad I found out more and made the decision I have even though it means I’ll have to be more careful in the future. But that is OK as I can’t continue to buy wool knowing what I know.

I’ll shortly be looking into synthetic wool for knitting and will let you know what I find in case your in the same position as me and looking for wool to knit with that isn’t animal based. Apparently they make some great plant and man made wool so there really is no need to use wool from sheep. When I actually think about it a lot of the clothes I own that are wool are synthetic so that shows it can be done and that even big clothing companies are using it. So hopefully it wont be hard for an individual, I’ll let you know how I go.

I know everyone wont feel the same as I do about wool and that is OK. I respect individual opinions and accept not everyone will stop using wool.

Thanks for listening to what I have to say, its been an interesting journey so far and its confirming even more why I am a Vegan. Yes I came into this because of food allergies and intolerance’s but I am glad of that because I believe this is where I was meant to end up. I think this would of happened in time and all that has happened is its come earlier and that is a positive in my eyes.

Rosie :-)

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