One of the places we love to shop!

We’d like to share one of the places we shop online with you, they have a great selection of food suitable for vegans along with other diets and requirements. They also have non food products like household products for example. This company is called Goodness Direct.

We shop with them on a monthly basis and couldn’t be happier with the service we get. They have such a big range of products, there website is easy to use and they dispatch your order quickly. We always have our order within a week and its well packaged for the journey. Its everything you’d want from an online shop and we’ve never had any problems so far.

We’d happily recommend Goodness Direct as its a great place to shop. It can be hard finding food suitable for Vegan’s and we do struggle to find a lot of these options locally which is why we are so pleased we found this place.

This is the main place we shop online, we do have a few other shops that we purchase from occasionally which we’ll share another time.

Hope this helps our readers and now we are off to do our monthly shop at Goodness Direct all from our laptop.

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