Almond Milk

When I first heard of Almond Milk I wasn’t keen to try it. I hate Almonds so my logical thinking was I wouldn’t like Almond Milk. However when my husband went shopping he decided to buy some so that we could try it. I remember when it came to trying it how nervous I was, in fact I really didn’t want to try it as I really hate the taste of Almonds. I did try it though and I was presently surprised. It tasted really good and nothing like almonds (well to me anyway). So this was the start of us buying Almond Milk, we both liked it and now its a regular in our cupboard and fridge.

I will happily drink a glass of Alpro Almond Milk however ask me to drink a glass of Alpro Soya Milk and I’d say no. I don’t like the taste of Soya milk on its own but I do like the taste of Almond milk on its own. I am surprised by this but its true. I also have Almond milk on my cereal and this is now my preferred choice to go with cereals.

We haven’t had the chance to use Almond milk for anything else but I just wanted to share my experiences with you. So if your put off from trying Almond Milk for the same reason as me then I really recommend you try it. You might be surprised and really enjoy it just like me.


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  1. Admin says:

    Thanks for your response and we will look into it. Generally we are happy with the ones available on the market as they are cheap and readily available. We use the Alpro brand of both Soya and Almond milk and these have added vitamin B12 and also the calcium levels are the same as the dairy equivalent. I would doubt this would be the case with homemade almond milk but then again I have never made it so I don’t truly know.

  2. Clare says:

    I have a friend whos son is lacto-intolerant and she makes her own almond milk for him, sure there are loads of recipes online, but she assures me it is very easy to make (just a bit of soaking time if i remeber rightly). I certainly could not tell the difference on sight between formula milk/normal milk and the almond milk in his bottle.

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