Milk (or in reality Milk Substitues)

When people go Vegan, milk is quite a major thing. One thing that needs to be remembered is that the milk alternatives are not trying to taste like cows milk but replace them. I was originally a Vegan (not a very good one) in the 1990s, I think part of the reason I failed was partly because I didn’t totally understand Veganism and the fact it’s not just a diet but a lifestyle. Anyway when I was a Vegan then I remember Soya milk not actually being very nice. The surprise now is it is so much better than it used to be (we use Alpro) also if you really dislike it there are other ones you can use such as Almond, Rice, Coconut and Oat milk (and cream).

What we have found is that we have a stock of different milks for different purposes. Soya milk is used for coffee and tea and makes fantastic hot chocolate. I prefer it on cereal but Rosie prefes Almond on cereal. Soya milk is better for making sauces (such as white sauce) as I find it thickens better. Rice milk is good in Pancakes, I  now want to try it in ice cream. Cream wise we have found Oatly cream the nearest to double cream and tastes the best out of the carton. Rice cream we have used in muffins which has made them ultra moist. My overall advice is experiment with these different milks and creams and find what works for you.

Even though Silk Milk isn’t available in the UK. I love this advert (I doubt they would show it on TV here)


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