Falafel Wrap with Homous, Spinach, Sweet Chilli Sauce and Raitta.

We had this for lunch recently when we were inspired by this meal as we saw it on a TV program we watch that showed a cafe and some of the food they serve. I saw it and said hey we can make that and make it vegan!

Its great to find another option for lunch and its really good, we enjoyed it thoroughly and I am sure we’ll have it again soon.

Falafel Wrap with Homous, Spinach and Sweet Chilli Sauce served with Raitta

Serves 2  | Prep 20 minutes  | Cook 10 minutes


  • Falafel Mix, the amount will depend on the instructions they give you. If they tell you to make the whole amount then we suggest making 1/2 of the box or even 1/4. All you do is adapt the instructions they give you to the amount of mixture you want to use. OR Fresh Falafel
  • 2 Tortia Wraps
  • Homemade Homous
  • Spinach, roughly a handful.
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Raitta

See here for our homemade homous recipe that we used with this meal.

See here for how to make Raitta, go to the third part of the ingredients list and part 5 in method section.


1.) Follow the instructions on the Falafel mix, ours told us to make it up and let it rest for 15 minutes. We made ours into small balls. Or use fresh pre-made falafel which we have been able to buy recently.

2.) Prepare the Tortia wraps, homous, spinach and sweet chilli sauce. You are doing this so its ready for when you cook the falafel.

3.) Cook the falafel as per instructions on the falafel mix box or if bought pre- made then cook to those instructions. Ours took around 10 minutes to cook.

4.) Now its time to layer your wraps. Lay the wrap down on the plates, spread some homous and add some spinach leaves and then add the cooked falafel balls. Squeeze some sweet chilli sauce over the wrap, depending on how much you want and the roll up the wrap.

5.) Put the Tortia on the plate and a spoonful or two of Raitta. Its now ready to eat and enjoy!

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