Few more online shops to mention

Not long ago we did an online order with Holland and Barrett’s and also the Vegan Store. We are now awaiting the goods and look forward to getting them. Finding great online shops like these certainly does make being a vegan easier especially when your limited to what you can buy locally.

The Vegan Store is great and you can find their website here. We have bought lots of different things from them but our recent shop was for Vegan Chocolate, Marshmallows and some sweets. They have a great choice of stock and they have just got some excellent things in for Christmas so no doubt we’ll be shopping there again soon.

We are most looking forward to our recent order for the chocolate and marshmallows so we can make some lovely Vegan Chocolate Bites. Made them once before and they were amazing, don’t worry we’ll be sharing the recipe very soon.

Of course we are also awaiting our order from Holland and Barrett’s which you can find their website here but for us that requires patience. The down side we find with them is it seems to take quite a while for our order to be delivered but apart from that all good. Now when we order from them we just expect to wait a little, which if you know and you not desperate that is OK.

So what are we waiting for in that order? we’ve bought basics and things we haven’t found elsewhere. Here is a few things we have ordered; Oatly Cream, Various Vegan Pates, Alpro indivual cartoons on milkshake, Algar Necter and that’s just a small amount of what we bought and not forgetting some we buy in bulk like Oatly Cream.

Hope these few tips on where to go when shopping online help and if you want to ask us anything feel free.

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