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© Copyright Ananda Foods, for the photos. Hope you don’t mind us using them Ananda!

We heard that Ananda Foods from Sheffield, UK made vegan marshmallows and we thought we would try them out. We desperately wanted to find a good vegan marshmallow and if we could get it within the UK that would be great. Up to now we were buying vegan marshmallows that were made in the USA, bought in the UK but not from the UK. They were by Sweet and Sara, they weren’t bad and we did enjoy them however we found out they contained GMO and were very unhappy about this. So when we came across Ananda’s marshmallows we jumped at giving them a go.

So for our first order we ordered some of her vanilla marshmallows and some of her flavoured ones too as they sounded good. Usually we buy vegan marshmallows to cook with, we like making a vegan version of Rocky Roads (recipe to be posted soon) so we were looking for a good basic marshmallow. So we bought some of her Madagascar Vanilia Marshmallows in mini form to try. If they tasted good then we’d buy some more for cooking with. We were also tempted by her flavour marshmallows, the plan was to eat them and have a good tasting session!

The tasting session was great, the vanilla marshmallows were great and very similar to Sweet and Sara’s ones only no GMO ingredients and made within the UK. So we couldn’t ask for more, they taste great and I can see them working well when cooking with them. As for the flavour ones, we thought these were good but for our tastes we’d rather the flavour was stronger. Not to say we didn’t enjoy them though but this was our preference. We still have some left and enjoy snacking on a few every now and again.

So over all a huge success, her marshmallows taste great and I can’t see any problems with cooking with them (the vanilla ones). So I think our next order will be for some more vanilla ones and we’ll make some yummy vegan rocky roads. This is our main use for wanting vegan marshmallows. I have to say though, they are good enough to eat by themselves!

I am not sure there is much else to say about them, we’ll definitely come and review them again when we have tried them in cooking. I have a feeling they will work very well. We look forward to finding a lot more things to cook and bake with marshmallows, now we have found Ananda’s marshmallows we have a perfect excuse. They taste great, easy to source, made within the UK and no bad ingredients.

Thanks Ananda Foods for making and selling these lovely vegan marshmallows. If you would like to get some too, we tend to buy directly from her and you can do so at her website.

2 Responses to Marshmallows from Ananda Foods

  1. Ananda says:

    Hello Duncan and Rosie, so glad you enjoyed our marshmallows and thanks for your lovely review. I will take on board your comments about making the flavour stronger. I’m back in the kitchen tomorrow and will have a go at increasing the flavour levels! We have opted for real natural flavours and so they don’t have the same artificial punch, but hopefully we can improve upon that. Happy snacking and baking, Ananda x

    • Admin says:

      Your welcome Ananda. We know what you mean regarding the artifical punch and its great that you are going for real natural flavours, as they are so much better. It would be great if the flavour can be made slightly stronger, do let us know how it goes. Thanks again for your comment. Duncan and Rosie.

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