New Subscribe feature to our blog

We thought we would let you know about a new feature we have just added to our blog, of which we hope you will find very useful. Its a simple way to subscribe to our posts and comments. Every time we do a new post you will get an email notification about it, that is of course if you sign up. To sign up follow the instructions below:

1.) As you are on our website, go to the side bar on the right and look down to the last option. It says Subscribe to blog via email. Add your email and click the subscribe button below.

2.) You are now subscribed although please check your email as I think you might have to confirm your subscription. This is all you have to do and you will be notified when we do a new post. Its easy to un-subscribe in the future if you like also, there is an option every time you get an email although we hope you’ll never have the need to do this.

If you would like to subscribe to comments, you should have this option when replying to a post as there should be a box to tick that you would like to follow the comments. You will then be told if anyone else replies to that post, again like the original subscription its worth checking your email as you might have to confirm before you will be notified of any follow up comments.

We hope this is a feature you will find useful and thanks again for visiting our blog.

D and Rosie

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