Monthly Archives: September 2013 Review

Recently we came across a great online shop selling vegan food. Not only did they stock chilled vegan food but even better for us they delivered to us.

To go a little further into they deliver to us, since we became vegan we have wanted to try some of the chilled vegan food but we’ve not been able to order any online. Why you ask? All because of where we live, they either wouldn’t deliver or would charge a fortune. Well this is why is fantastic. Not only will they deliver chilled goods to us but they don’t over charge either. It cost us £12.00, the cost of a parcel force delivery (this is for where we live, it could be cheaper depending on your location and as our order included chilled item it was £1 extra e.g non chilled order £11, order with chilled food £12).

Recently we did an order with them, finally we could try some of the chilled vegan products we wanted like a great pizza cheese we had heard about, our favourite vegan cream cheese as well as other vegan foods like sausages. We did a large order to make the postage worth it. Luckily a lot of what we wanted either has a few months storage life or can be frozen. So we got a good stock of food and looked forward to it being delivered.

Only a few days later and our large parcel arrived. We did the order online on Sunday, got a phone call from them on Monday informing us of delivery information (of which they were very helpful) and on Thursday we got the delivery. Great service for us given that we live on a Scottish island.

We must say all we can do is praise them highly, they packed the order very well. There was a box within a box and then as our order was so large they grouped our food into small packages. Within these smaller packages their was these chilled ice packs on the top and bottom. It kept the food chilled and they all arrived in perfect condition. I think there was about 6 smaller packages so they really took time and care over packing our order well. We can’t thank them enough, we found such a brilliant company and we can recommend them highly.

So if you want to check out this company then go to their website and you’ll find they have great vegan food selection, especially chilled foods.

We’ll be back again soon and review some of the vegan food we bought.

Thanks again to for supplying us with all this great food and taking care of our order so well. We’ll definitely be shopping with you again soon, as locally we don’t have the option to get most of these chilled vegan foods.