Hawaiian Pizza

This has become one of our favourite pizzas and we just can’t get enough of it. It tastes so good and it becomes very addictive. We always used to love this type of pizza before becoming vegan and its taken a while to get it to good standards as a vegan pizza. We found that finding the right ingredients was the answer, the first time this pizza became possible was when we shopped at Veggiestuff as we got some great ingredients to make it with. This pizza is nice and quick to make if you already have some pizza sauce in stock, which we often do. So it becomes a great quick meal and its especially nice when your craving something naughty. We don’t have access to any vegan takeaway food here so this tends to be our way of having something similar. It doesn’t end up taking long if you have a lot of it prepared. We love to enjoy it with some oven French fries which really gives the feel of a good yummy take away. Obviously you could serve it with whatever you like.

Hawaiian Pizza

Serves 4 (quarter each) | Prep 10 minutes | Cook 20 minutes * These timings are based on putting the pizza together (e.g base, sauce and topping).



1.) Roll out the pizza dough to 10″ and put on a tray or pizza tray.

2.) Spread out the special pizza sauce over the base until it’s near the sides.

3.) Sprinkle 1/3 of the grated pizza cheese on top of the pizza sauce. Then add the cut up pieces of the Ham slices and add another 1/3 of the grated pizza cheese over the top.

4.) Now it’s time to add the pineapple chunks, you will use most of the pineapple in the can but there might be some left. Place them all over the pizza, only leaving small gaps between each piece (so they are close together). Then use the last 1/3 of the grated pizza cheese and sprinkle over the top.

5.) The pizza is now ready to go into a medium heated oven and needs to cook for around 20 minutes. This vegan pizza cheese is different to normal cheese so you won’t see the typical melting on the top. The pizza shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes so make sure you take it out by then. The cheese layer on top will not look melted as such but don’t worry about this.

6.) It’s now ready to eat and serve with what you like. We like to serve with oven French Fries and some tomato ketchup but it’s up to you.


You might be wondering about the cheese and how it works and tastes. The reason for sprinkling the cheese throughout three levels is it makes a very yummy pizza. You will find the layers will melt and only the top cheese will be slightly different. This is by far the best cheese we have used for Pizzas, it doesn’t have any back taste and is nice and creamy. It makes the best vegan cheese pizza we have ever had.


Nutritional information – per serving (based on a quarter of pizza)

Calories: 416  |  Total Fat: 19.2 g  Saturated: 1.2 g  |  Sodium: 268.6 mg  |  Total Carbs: 38.8 g  Dietary Fibre: 1.6 g  Sugars: 5.0 g  | Protein: 11.8 g | Vitamin A: 119.8 %  | Vitamin C: 46.5 % | Iron: 0.1%



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