Mimilicious Dairy Free Clotted Cream Review

We recently found out about a vegan clotted cream, we couldn’t quite believe it so of course we looked into it further. We were right and there was a vegan friendly clotted cream alternative on the market. We are so pleased we found this product because since becoming vegan we’ve never found anything that would replicate clotted cream. As soon as we saw it our first thought was “Yay lets have a cream tea!” and so this is exactly what we planned, a nice homemade scone with jam and some of this clotted cream.

Let me tell you a little more, firstly the company used to be called Devonshire Klotted Kream but now its known as Mimilicious. They are a small company and their product is homemade in a vegan kitchen so it means you don’t have to worry about cross contamination. Its soya free and made from a base of oats which have a natural sweetness and a creamy taste and texture. As they say its recommended by cows :-).

Now onto our review of the Mimilicious Clotted Cream, we bought the large pot which is 200g but they also do a small pot which is 110g. To save on postage we actually bought 3 large pots because this product can be frozen. This cream can be eaten on the day it arrives but it can also be stored in the fridge for up to a week. This cream does need to be used/enjoyed at room temperature so make sure you get it out in plenty of time before you want it. This is because when its in the fridge it goes hard but once at room temperature it becomes soft again. As I said before you can also freeze this product, we did this for two of the pots when they arrived. I think its great that it freezes well because it means you have it on hand for when you need it.

We both love this clotted cream, we have had it many times on a lovely homemade scone with spread, jam and cream. It was a lovely cream tea and I think would be enjoyed  by all. Of course its not exactly like the dairy version of clotted cream but its pretty good for a dairy free version. Its the only type of cream like this on the market that we know of and we really like it. We have already enjoyed oat based cream  before so felt confident that we’d like this clotted cream. Well we both love it and it tastes great, no back taste or anything and just very enjoyable.

We ordered the large pot because we thought the smaller pot wouldn’t be enough for a few days of scones, spread, jam and cream. Hopefully they don’t mind but we’ll show a photo of scone they have shown on their website topped with their clotted cream. See below this for that photo. Anyway my point is when you think of a scone with clotted cream on most likely you’d put that amount on, well I know I did as a kid. This is why we went for the big pot, anyway we found when we had it that we didn’t want to put as much cream on our scones. Well we did but both felt pretty sick after so decided less cream was best. So we spread a small amount of cream on our scone, probably approximately a tablespoon per scone. This was perfect for us and we enjoyed our scone very much. Therefor we found we still had cream left after we had finished our batch of scones. You do have a limited time to enjoy the cream so sadly we did end up with wastage in the end. I think for this reason we’ll go for the small pots next time. I’d say it all depends on how much cream you want to have and also how many people. Its only me and my husband and we found we could not get through a big pot in time.

Mimilicious Dairy Free Clotted Cream on a Scone.

Mimilicious Clotted Cream 200g Large Pot.


Don’t forget you can enjoy this Clotted Cream for so many other things and not just a cream tea. Mimilicious have suggested a Victoria sponge cake with cream and jam in the middle or you could even use it when making a homemade Banoffee pie. So lots of options of what you could use this cream for, we have only used it with scones so far but look forward to enjoying it with other things too. We are thinking with Christmas coming up that it would be great with mince pies!

We are very happy to recommend this product to everyone, it tastes great and its good value for money too. We have used this product both from fresh and frozen (by frozen we mean frozen and then defrosted) and its been just as good. Their website is great because they also share some vegan recipes with you too, including a recipe to make some scones. We would recommend checking out their website to find out more because they tell you everything you need to know, you can even find out what ingredients they use for their clotted cream.

Please check out their website at http://www.klottedkream.co.uk/ and please remember the photos used here are copyright © to Mimilicious Dairy Free Clotted Cream/ KlottedKream.co.uk. We hope you don’t mind Mimilicious seeming as we are recommending your company/product.

There is not much else to say apart from check it out, whether you are vegan, lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy then this could be the cream for you. Its a perfect alternative to clotted cream and tastes great. Don’t forget if you want to order some they are made fresh to order so it might take up to 7 days to process your order. Its then sent by Royal Mail 1st Class so it wont be long till you get your order, well worth the wait in our eyes!

Interested in Nutritional Information? Well we are as we log what we eat so we like to know the nutritional information on the food we eat, its not always available on all the products we buy but we got in touch with Mimilicious and they were able to provide us with calorie information. There are 468
calories per 100g of cream. It might sound like a lot but there is nearly 600 in the same amount of dairy clotted cream. Also you end up having it in smaller amounts, for example our average serving is 15g and that is 70 calories. Thanks again to Mimilicious for providing this information, its much appreciated.

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