The Best Squirting (Spray) Cream; Schlagfix Soya Spray Cream

The best vegan squirting cream.

The best vegan spray cream.

We thought we’d share with you a favourite vegan cream of ours, we use it regularly and its the best cream of this type we have found (and we have tried others). It’s called Schlagfix Soya Spray Cream and its a thick soya based spray cream.

So what can we tell you about it apart from the fact it tastes great and its the best we’ve found? We have this as a stable in our household, we even buy several cans at a time as when it isn’t opened it can last a long time. It means we always have it in stock and never run out. We use in on so many things like deserts and hot drinks like hot chocolate. Our most common to enjoy it with is a yummy hot chocolate drink or our baked banana splits, it just wouldn’t be the same without this cream.

It’s much better than the other vegan spray cream on the market, we find this one not only tastes better (we think the other has a taste to it that isn’t very nice) but it also performs better. By this we mean we never have any problems getting cream out of the can straight from the fridge and also we find once it’s sprayed out that it stays there longer than the other. We hope that makes sense. To us it tastes so good that you could serve it to non vegans without any complaint, there is no obvious taste to give it away so it can be enjoyed by all.

I’m not sure there is much else to say about this fantastic product apart from the fact we are so pleased we came across it a few months back. We found it online with a retailer we shop with and now every few months we order a new stock of it. This retailer has now started stocking other ranges from the same brand, although we are yet to try these but if they are anything like this spray cream we’ll be impressed.

You might be wondering what they are? They are whipping cream in a cartoon, a sweetened and unsweetened version. I think we’ll buy some and give it a try, then we can review it for you all. I think they will be ideal when doing pudding a like a trifle.

The online retailer that we get our supply of this great cream from (and other products too) are called Vegan Store and their website is We have used them many times so we are happy to recommend them as a retailer to shop with, we have always been happy with the service they provide.

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