Today our potato tubers and onions arrived

It’s about time we shared our gardening with you and what better time to start? As this is the time of year when we are busy in our garden planting things, in our case it’s mostly vegetables. We hope this will be one of many posts about our gardening and sharing with you the vegetables we try to grow.

Today our order from Thompson and Morgan arrived, last month we ordered a variety of potato tubers and some onions as its time to get planting if we want some our of our produce this year. Today they arrived so over the next week the ones that are ready to be planted out into the garden will be.

We thought we’d share with you what we bought and we hope to keep you updated with how they go;

  • Red Duke of York – first early
  • Shetland Black – second early
  • Casablanca – first early
  • Rocket – first early
  • Setanta – maincrop
  • Belle de fontenay – maincrop
  • Bikini – early maincrop
  • Onion Early Collection (100 total); Red Arrow, Vulcan and Spitfire. *red onion, onion hybrid and white onion

As you can see we have a nice collection of different varieties of potatoes and a few different onions too. We are looking forward to growing  and then tasting them. Fingers crossed they are successful and we get a good crop.

We will be growing our potatoes in potatoes patio sacks, we also have some new potato grow bags to try as well so we’ll see how they both fair and if we have a favourite. The reviews on the new type we are trying sound positive, apparently they have got more crops from them but we’ll see. As for the onions, we will also be growing them in vegetable patio sacks.

Our plan is to take photos throughout so hopefully all going well we can share these with you too. We have tried growing potatoes before but it didn’t turn out well,  more our fault than theirs so hopefully this year will be different. In a way to us this will be our first proper year of growing our own vegetables and we hope to do a few others if all goes to plan.

Well there isn’t much else to say for now apart from we’ll be back with more updates on our progress when we have some. We hope you will enjoy seeing these posts and this will be the first of many sharing our gardening with you.

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