Update & Sneak Peak

Hi All,

We do hope you have sticked around during our quiet months and we do apologise for that. We invested in a new laptop as our previous one had broken, annoyingly less than a week later it gained a fault and had to be sent of for repair. We are currently awaiting its return and in the middle of all this we moved house which caused more delays.

Anyway we wanted to let you know we haven’t forgotten our blog and are doing our best to post more with the facilities we currently have, we are very much looking forward to getting our new laptop fixed though. So please bare with us as we have a lot of posts to catch up, a lot of things to share with you from food recipes to reviews.

We are slowly getting these posts up on our blog, as you’ll see from a few posts below. We look forward to catching up and starting to blog more regularly, which will be made even easier when our laptop returns home. A sneak peak at a few posts that will be coming up soon;

  • Review from Hannah Bananna Bakery (100% Vegan of course!) with lots of photos.
  • Recipe of these beautiful Blueberry Cupcakes.
  • Recipe for one of our new favoruite meals, sweet and sour chicken style pieces served with rice/vegg fried rice.
  • A further review on The Vegg and The Vegg Cookbook.

Thank you for reading and for being patient. If you haven’t already please subscribe to our blog and you’ll be notified when we do a post (see the right hand side near the bottom).

See you all soon,

Rosie and Duncan

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