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A few months ago we found out about a vegan bakery in Southampton and we were delighted to find out they would post out certain goodies. One look on her website or facebook page and you started to crave her beautiful cupcakes and doughnuts. Recently we had the pleasure of being able to order some of her doughnuts as well as some of her cookie dough :-) we couldn’t wait to try them!

Well we are very impressed, they arrived quickly (sent by first class, our choice of postal method as she gives you several options) and were packaged well for the journey. Once we opened the mailing packaging the doughnuts were in a nice box and presented beautiful, as was the cookie dough (she ran out of her usual wrapping but we didn’t mind the wrapping she used instead). Our order arrived to us in perfect condition which is fantastic, we have received baking items by post in the past and they haven’t always arrived in good condition. You could tell our order was packed with a lot of care and attention to detail, we even took photos to show you as we were very impressed.

So your probably asking so how were the doughnuts? Well not only did they look yummy but they tasted yummy too. It was so nice to enjoy a good doughnut again, they were all delicious. By the end of day two they were all gone and very much enjoyed. We ordered two of each doughnut so we wouldn’t have to share and went for; Jam and soya cream doughnut with sugar coating, Baked Lemon Kurd filled doughnut with sugar coating and Deep fried doughnut ring with chocolate glazing topped with sprinkles. They were all as good as they sound, we think anyone would enjoy these whether you were vegan or not. To be honest you couldn’t tell they were, which we think is a good sign of a good doughnut.

We also ordered the cookie dough, we went for chocolate chip. As we had the doughnuts to eat we put ours in the freezer for a treat later. Its perfect to use from the freezer although we did have to wait for it to defrost before we could use it (some cookie dough you can freeze in a way that you can just slice up and bake, without having to defrost first which is what we are used too). It came in a rectangle block and we decided to cut it in half and put one half back in the freezer. This ended up being a great idea as the cookie dough made far more cookies than we expected, her blog mentioned it makes 12 cookies. Well we only used half the cookie dough and managed to make more than this. They were of decent size, in fact you could of got more by making them smaller. All we did with the dough was roll it up and then slice, which is the way we have always been used too. Quick and easy to do and then all we did was bake them in the oven.

So how did they taste? well we loved them and we have to say we loved the chocolate chips she used (they are different to the ones we have for baking). Not much more to say really, they were good cookies and no way would you know they were vegan.

If you would like to check out this fantastic vegan bakery, you can view her website here and her facebook page here. As you have probably already guessed we highly recommend her and we’ll definitely be ordering with her again.

Now time for the photos and we have a lot of them, we hope you will enjoy them as we wanted to show you our order from how it arrived to how good the food looks. As we have quite a few we’ll start with showing one photo each telling you which doughnut they are (although I bet you guess without needing the text) and then add the gallery with all the photos. Enjoy and we do apologise as it will probably leave you wanting to have some :-) in fact its making us want to do an order right now for more doughnuts!

Photo of Jam and Cream Doughnut

Jam and Soya Cream Filled Doughnut

Photo of Chocolate Glazed Ring Doughnut

Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles Ring Doughnut

Photo of Lemon Kurd Doughnut

Lemon Kurd Doughnut

These are all the photos that we took, from how our order arrived to how yummy our doughnuts looked. Not forgetting the cookies too, sorry their are only a few photos but we promise to take more when we do the remaining batch of cookie dough.

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