Easter Treats from The Vegan Store

Sorry this is a little late but we still wanted to share this year’s Easter Treats with you all. Some think that because we are vegan that we miss out on treats at this time of year but that simply isn’t true, we have lots of choices to celebrate Easter which are all vegan and cruelty free.

We regularly shop with The Vegan Store  and we did a shop with them just before Easter where we treated ourselves to some lovely goodies to eat. This is our first vegan Easter where we bought some Easter treats and we had so many options to choose from, we easily could of bought more if we had wanted too. It was really nice to have an Easter Egg this year and oh my the one we choose was amazing!

So what did we buy? well we both had an Easter Egg from Moo Free, we went for the bunnycomb (honeycomb as we know it by, its also know as Cinder Toffee) and it tastes so good. By the time we had finished our easter egg we had wished we had bought more. We are not huge fans of Moo Free Chocolate, we tend to keep it in stock for baking rather than eating. Well the bunnycomb as they call it tasted so good and we soon wanted more. I think if we can buy them next year we’ll get more of them, we did try to find out if they did this in a chocolate bar all year round and they do but its the mini bars rather than the bigger size bars. Mini bars work out quite costly so I think we might have to wait till next year’s Easter Egg, until we end up being lucky and they bring it out in a bigger chocolate bar.

Apart from our Easter Egg, we each had a white and milk chocolate bunny from Choices. The white one was our favourite although we enjoyed them both. It was also the first time we bought some chocolate coated cinder toffee/honeycomb, we had been putting this off before as we knew we could make our own but as I knew we didn’t have the time we finally bought some. Well they were lovely, we went for the milk and dark chocolate ones and I’d say our favourite was the milk variety although the dark wasn’t bad either. I can see us buying more if we don’t have the time to make them ourselves as they were a very enjoyable treat.

Nearly forgot, we tried some freedom mallows that we had heard a lot about too. Till now we have been enjoying vegan marshmallows from Ananada Foods, but these are fresh marshmallows and freedom marshmallows aren’t so they last longer. We have  tried them both and they were great. We even tried the Vanilla ones with hot chocolate and loved how they reacted like non vegan marshmallows do so that was a huge plus (we’ve found most of the vegan marshmallows don’t react the same in a hot drink).  I think we might keep them in stock but if we had to choose I think we prefer the ones from Ananda , although they do have there plus points as they can be stored for much longer so I can see us buying them both.

We also got some giant chocolate buttons, we had never tried these before and thought why not try them now? We prefer milk chocolate but don’t mind dark chocolate although some can be quiet intense. Well these were intensely dark chocolate so we both felt they would be better for cooking than eating, although one of us did prefer them more than the other to eat them as they are.

Well I think we have mentioned everything and now its time for the photos, we took lots of photos to show you. We can highly recommend the Vegan Store to shop with, they are very helpful and every order from them has arrived in good time and well packed. As for the individual products, we would happily recommend them all as well especially the Moo Free  Bunnycomh Easter Eggs as they were amazing!

Sorry for the delay in getting this post published, hopefully next year we’ll be far quicker.

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