Scoffs Vegan Fudge Review

On the 28th of May 2014 we got our order through the post from Scoffs, we bought several as gifts and a few for ourselves as a treat. We originally found out about the company through The Vegan Kind, as we got a packet of their Chocolate Fudge in our TVK #7 monthly box.

So this is our first order with the company and we are very impressed, their website was easy to order from and our order arrived in good time. It arrived well packaged, as you can see from the photos and it goes without saying that they tasted great!

As we said above, quite a few were gifts and they went down very well. None of them were vegan but they enjoyed them very much, they even made a comment saying they tastes just as good as dairy fudge! One even mentioned it was the best dairy free fudge she had ever tasted and I have to say we totally agree with her :-) so its nice to see other think the same as us.

Our favourite fudge that Scoffs do is the Chocolate Fudge, its amazing and we can highly recommend it because it tastes fantastic. It was this fudge that we sent as gifts as well although we have tried their other fudge too but this one is our favourite.

As you can see from the photos you’ll see two chocolate truffles, these were a free gift as we had a code for them when we got them in our TVK box. Scoffs do chocolate truffles as well so it was a great way to taste them and find out what they taste like before ordering.

So what did we think of them? Well one of us liked them and the other didn’t, they are both made using dark chocolate and one of us likes dark chocolate and the other not so much. I think overall we wouldn’t order them usually as they aren’t something we both like, although saying that it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t order them for one of us as a treat. Generally they are well made homemade vegan truffles and it would be lovely if they did less intense dark chocolate ones and tried some milk type version. If they did we’d definitely give them a try.

Well I am not sure there is much else we can say, Scoffs is a great company that make amazing vegan fudge that tastes amazing. They taste so good that even people that aren’t vegan will like them, in fact I doubt they would even notice as they are seriously that good. So if you’ve not tried them already we can highly suggest you giving them a try, we doubt you’ll be disappointed. Their website is:


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