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Welcome to our blog. Our name’s are Duncan (known as D) and Rosie and we live in the Orkney Islands, North of Scotland with our lovely dogs and cats. As you have probably already guessed we have become Vegans and also love Gardening. This is what our blog will be about and we hope you enjoy it.

So what’s our story? well to start with we have not always been Vegan and this started in March 2012. We have both previously been Vegetarians and D was also once a Vegan but sadly we both went back to eating meat. We can’t remember why but when we were Vegetarians/Vegans in the past it was all to do with how the animals were being treated and being such animal lovers it was what made the decision.

So you might be wondering why have we become Vegan’s now and will it stay this way? Rosie started to have problems with food in the last few months of 2011 and it took us a while to find out what was happening. In the end we found out she was allergic to milk and egg and also had problems digesting meat. So obviously these foods were slowly cut out when we knew they were the issue. It came to the point that because of this we had pretty much gone onto a Vegan diet.

Over the time that we became Vegan through food allergies and intolerance’s we came across a lot of information we were not aware of. A lot of this information was through The Vegan Society and after reading what we read we couldn’t help but feel very upset and lied too. This meant we very quickly decided that even though we had come into veganism via food allergies and intolerance’s that we also wanted to do it out of choice. So if and when Rosie’s food allergies or intolerance’s disappear we have decided we would still be Vegan. We can’t see ourselves going back to meet, eggs dairy and so on knowing what we know now.

We mentioned we felt lied too and we’d like to go into this a little further. There have been many TV programs and information out there saying Free Range is best and is good for the animals. This meant we always stuck to Free Range only and mostly local. We thought by doing this we were looking after animal welfare and eating meat, dairy, eggs etc responsibly. We then found out through The Vegan Society that a lot of information was never told to us and that is why we feel lied too. They are always telling you how good free range is and never telling you the negative parts to it. We fully believe they should of told us all the facts so we could make an informed decision and not a decision that ended up being by limited information. Obviously free range is better than battery but still its not the golden answer like they make you believe.

Obviously being Vegan is a way of life and not just a diet and we are determined to follow this through. We love animals and care for them very much, we even have our own and they are a huge part of our family. We will be doing our very best to live a Vegan Life and have slowly been going through all food and non food items and removing items those that are not Vegan friendly.

Some general information that might help you to understand our blog and the things that we say. Rosie is severely disabled through a long term illness which makes her very ill. She is currently bed and house bound and spends all of her time in her hospital bed. She is very limited in what she can do and relies on her husband (me, D) to help her. I (D) am Rosie’s full time carer as Rosie needs 24 hour care so going out to work is impossible. Our dogs and cats are a huge part of our lives and provide us with a lot of love and companionship. One of our dogs is shortly going to be trained to be an assistance dog to Rosie and we look forward to that day as it will make a big difference to our lives.

Well that’s all for now, we hope this page has helped you learn a little more about us and your always welcome to get in touch with us if you want to talk further.

D and Rosie

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