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Scoffs Vegan Fudge Review

On the 28th of May 2014 we got our order through the post from Scoffs, we bought several as gifts and a few for ourselves as a treat. We originally found out about the company through The Vegan Kind, as we got a packet of their Chocolate Fudge in our TVK #7 monthly box.

So this is our first order with the company and we are very impressed, their website was easy to order from and our order arrived in good time. It arrived well packaged, as you can see from the photos and it goes without saying that they tasted great!

As we said above, quite a few were gifts and they went down very well. None of them were vegan but they enjoyed them very much, they even made a comment saying they tastes just as good as dairy fudge! One even mentioned it was the best dairy free fudge she had ever tasted and I have to say we totally agree with her :-) so its nice to see other think the same as us.

Our favourite fudge that Scoffs do is the Chocolate Fudge, its amazing and we can highly recommend it because it tastes fantastic. It was this fudge that we sent as gifts as well although we have tried their other fudge too but this one is our favourite.

As you can see from the photos you’ll see two chocolate truffles, these were a free gift as we had a code for them when we got them in our TVK box. Scoffs do chocolate truffles as well so it was a great way to taste them and find out what they taste like before ordering.

So what did we think of them? Well one of us liked them and the other didn’t, they are both made using dark chocolate and one of us likes dark chocolate and the other not so much. I think overall we wouldn’t order them usually as they aren’t something we both like, although saying that it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t order them for one of us as a treat. Generally they are well made homemade vegan truffles and it would be lovely if they did less intense dark chocolate ones and tried some milk type version. If they did we’d definitely give them a try.

Well I am not sure there is much else we can say, Scoffs is a great company that make amazing vegan fudge that tastes amazing. They taste so good that even people that aren’t vegan will like them, in fact I doubt they would even notice as they are seriously that good. So if you’ve not tried them already we can highly suggest you giving them a try, we doubt you’ll be disappointed. Their website is: http://www.scoffsweets.co.uk/


The Vegan Kind Monthly Box #TVK7

Firstly we’d like to apologise for how late we are publishing our review for our #TVK7 which we received on the 10th of May 2014. Unfortunately a combination of bad health and laptop problems meant we got behind but we are back now, laptop problem sorted and health…well that still isn’t very good. Anyway your not here to read about our problems, let get back to reviewing our #TVK7 box which is our second box from The Vegan Kind.

For us this box was hit and miss for us, there was a few products in there that wasn’t really us and then ones that were. The good thing about these monthly boxes is introducing us to products we often don’t know about and the chance to try them. It might mean you get things you don’t like but you will often come across things you do. This box is the perfect example of that.

For us this box was worth it for one product, Scoffs Chocolate Fudge. Its the best vegan fudge we have ever tasted, in fact the best fudge we have ever had. So for us the box was already worth it for this alone, finding a great vegan fudge from a great company. As for the other products, we enjoyed the crisps and the bio laundry liquid sample and as for the others they weren’t for us.

We’ll use the same format as our last TVK review and include a photo of each product, mention what they are underneath and our review on that product if we have tried it yet. We do have some more photos too which we will show after this section.

#TVK7 Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps

#TVK7 Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps .

We both tried these and thought they were nice crisps, one of us preferred them over the other but that was only because they were rather spicy. We would love to try some of their other flavour crisps and hopefully we’ll come across them so we can.

Photo of #TVK7 Wholeplus Hot Pot 70g

#TVK7 Wholeplus Hot Pot 70g

We gave this a try, we even used soya milk instead of water as we thought it would make it better. However for us it did not, milk or not it didn’t taste good. Even thought it had quite a few flavours over all it tasted bland. We couldn’t even finish the portion despite trying. To be honest we can’t see why others would like it either but this is just our opinion.

Photo of #TVK7 Golden Apple Hazelnuts and Peppermint Raw Biscuits 90g

#TVK7 Golden Apple Hazelnuts and Peppermint Raw Biscuits 90g.

This was one of the things in the box that wasn’t for us, so I am afraid they are still in their packet untouched. I suppose we should force ourselves to try them but its hard when you don’t even like the main ingredients. I am sorry we can’t give further feedback on this product.

Photo of #TVK Dormouse Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea and Tea Bags , Jasmine Tea

#TVK Dormouse Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea and Tea Bags , Jasmine Tea

Sadly this was another product that wasn’t our thing, one of us does drink tea but not this kind of tea. So we sent this to a friend as we thought someone else might as well enjoy it. Sorry we can’t provide further feedback on this product.

Photo of #TVK7 BIO D Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid Sample

#TVK7 BIO D Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid Sample.

We often use Bio D products but hadn’t got around to trying there Laundry Liquid yet, so it was nice getting a sample so we could try it before buying a retail pack. Like all there other products, it was very good so we are happy to recommend this product along with suggesting their other products.

Photo of #TVK7 Scoff Sweets Chocolate Fudge 150g

#TVK7 Scoff Sweets Chocolate Fudge 150g

This was our favourite product in the whole box and made the whole box worth while. This is simply the best vegan fudge we have ever tasted, in fact the best fudge we have ever tasted. Beautifully made homemade fudge, its creamy and chocolately and simply addictive. Highly Recommended to all. We loved it so much we even went and ordered some more directly from Scoffs.

To see more about #TVK7 and previous boxes, which includes a description of each product and links to their companies click here.

As you can tell, the highlight from this months box was Scoffs Chocolate Fudge. We can’t wait to enjoy more of their fudge and we know it will make great gifts as well. Yes there was a lot in this box that wasn’t for us or that we didn’t like but we were introduced to a few great products so it made it all worth while. A big thank you to The Vegan Kind Team¬†for putting this box together.

Until our next box here is all the photos we took of our #TVK7 Box;

The Vegan Kind – Our First Box #TVK6

We recently heard about a vegan company from a friend and it sounded interesting so we looked into it. The company is called The Vegan Kind and its a monthly lifestyle subscription box for vegans (although suitable for anyone). Once we looked into it we thought we have to try it and so thats exactly what we did, we signed up for our first box.

We have been vegans for a while now but we still liked the idea of the box (we only wish we had known about it ages ago, it would of been so helpful at the start of our vegan journey!) as it would introduce us to more vegan products. The more we know about the better and its done in a way that it gives you a chance to try them without having to buy too much, as often you are given a sample size or the normal size but just one of them. So it really is the perfect way to try new products, hopefully find ones you like and then you can look at sourcing more. This is why we loved the idea of this company when we heard about it and we couldn’t wait for our first box to arrive.

Our first box was in April and called TVK6, it arrived on the 4th of April and we couldn’t wait to see what was inside. We took lots of photos and a video too (which we hope to show you if we can) and enjoyed seeing what goodies were in our first box. Well we were very happy and felt we got some great products to try, we hadn’t tried any of them and only recognised one (just seen it around, never bought it). It also showed us that we made the right choice, as we were being introduced to some great products :-).

So where do we start? I think we’ll show a photo of each product, mention what they are underneath and our review on that product if we have tried it yet. We do have some more photos too which we will show after this section.

Photo of #TVK6 Clearspring Toasted Fine Cut Nori

#TVK6 Clearspring Toasted Fine Cut Nori

We have yet to try this so we’ll come back and add a review here when we have.

Photo of #TVK6 Freyaluna Lavender Lip Face & Body Balm

#TVK6 Freya luna Lavender Lip Face & Body Balm

This is a lovely product and one my wife was very happy to receive, she often suffers with dry lips due to her medication and she had recently been saying she needed a good vegan lip balm so the timing couldn’t of been better. We have both tried it and like it, there isn’t much to say about it really as it does exactly as its designed to do. My wife loves using it on her lips and she finds it really helps. She also loves Lavender so this was a huge hit, I can see us buying more in the future.

Photo of #TVK6 Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk

#TVK6 Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk

We both drink Soya Milkshakes often so we were delighted when we saw this in the box. We both couldn’t wait to try it, as soon as it was cold we tucked in. It tasted AMAZING. In fact we’d have to say its the best chocolate milkshake we have had since being vegan. We both love it, its now our favourite chocolate milkshake and we plan on doing a big shop with Rebel Kitchen very soon to stock up on these…and to sample their other flavours too.

Photo of #TVK6 Landgarten Organic Dark Chocolate Soya Snack

#TVK6 Landgarten Organic Dark Chocolate Soya Snack

We both tried these thinking they sounded great and we’ve yet to try a soya bean based snack. Sadly neither of us liked them :-( so after we tasted a few it went in the bin as we didn’t know anyone else locally that could try it. We found it was too bitter, I think if it had been done with a milk chocolate (vegan of course) it could of been a lot better. We’ll definitely be open to trying other soya bean snacks as we think we dislike it more due to the bitterness of the chocolate.

We’d like to add that neither of us mind dark chocolate, one is more a fan than the other but we still didn’t like this snack covered in it. Just to add, just cause we threw this away didn’t mean it didn’t serve its purpose because it did. It allowed us to try something that we might not have otherwise and if we had liked it we most likely would of bought more.

Photo of #TVK6 Coconom Coconut Sugar

#TVK6 Coconom Coconut Sugar

This has been a huge hit and we are already looking at buying more coconut sugar. We had never used coconut sugar till we got this and we are both big fans, we use it in most things and find it very enjoyable. We even think its enhanced some of what we’ve used it on as it has a lovely taste. Despite it being coconut sugar neither of us would say it tasted of coconut.

So far we have used it in/on our breakfast cereal, baking, puddings and drinks and we are very happy with it. I can soon see us not needing white sugar at all!

Photo of #TVK6 Creative Nature Sublime Seed Bar

#TVK6 Creative Nature Sublime Seed Bar

My wife isn’t a fan of these kind of bars but I am, I have tried most bars like this but not this brand before. I run regularly and find snacks like these really helpful so I was eager to try it. It tasted OK but at the same time didn’t blow me away, I think I’d buy more if I came across but not make an effort to seek it out to buy.

To see more about #TVK6 and previous boxes, which includes a description of each product and links to their companies click here.

Well there isn’t much else to say, we have both enjoyed our first Vegan Kind Box and it wont be long till the next arrives at our door. I think if we had to pick a highlight from this box it would be two of them, Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk and Coconom Coconut Sugar. We can’t thank The Vegan Kind Team enough for putting this box together and bringing us such a brilliant service.

We will of course be back to review our next box but until then here are more photos from April’s Vegan Kind Box, we hope you enjoy them. We do have a video which we hope to add later, at the moment we are having problems downloading it from our camera.